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Campus Development systems

We have the expertise to assist in creating or enhancing campus development systems. We are able to provide universities with a platform to plan, build and monitor all aspects of campus development.

Budgetary Requests

Assistance in the preparation of funding request reports for the board of trustees or government bodies to help raise the capital required for new projects and design initiatives within the campus.

Strategic Master plan

Aligning the asset management and campus development strategy with the academic master-plan. 

Space conversion

Academia's aspiration to continuously advance requires its spatial organisation to adapt to its changing requirements. Our deep understanding of a university's needs combined with our ability to convert the uses of spaces allow for highly desirable cost effectiveness.  


Based on research and analysis, 61% of students in the United Kingdom chose their university based on the facilities available to them. The constant change in the world of academia demands that spaces are up to date as well as aesthetically considered. 


New facilities

The expansion of campuses is a carefully planned exercise running parallel with the academic master-plan. Archiplexus can assist with the pre-planning stages through to the hand over of the facility.  

Branded environments

We understand the importance of reflecting the brand through the environment and spatial experiences. We utilise our branding expertise to elevate the university's image in a robust way.

Building information modeling

Utilising BIM to help the faculties department plan out their  budget expenditure as well as linking into the building management systems.

Asset budgetary forecasting

Utilizing technology available to the campus, we are able to help the budgetary forecasting as to avoid surprises at a later stage in time.

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