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Archiplexus Joins Forces with Dubai Municipality at COP28 UAE

Archiplexus is delighted to announce that our Founder and Managing Director, Shwan Alhashimi, will be participating at the COP28 UAE Forum in collaboration with Dubai Municipality. This significant event, focusing on "Dubai Masterplan 2040: Greening and Conservation Goals", plays a vital role in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The forum is a key platform for dialogues on sustainable urban development strategies, in perfect alignment with Archiplexus's commitment to environmental stewardship, cultural sustainability, and our post-contemporary design approach.

Alhashimi's involvement, in partnership with Dubai Municipality, reflects our joint vision for a sustainable, visionary, and culturally rich future. This collaboration underlines the crucial role of post-contemporary architectural innovation in achieving the ambitious objectives of the Dubai Masterplan 2040. His insights will embody the Archiplexus ethos, focusing on integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of architectural design, while also embracing and preserving the rich cultural and traditional heritage of the UAE through a post-contemporary lens.

Endorsed by Dubai Municipality, the Dubai Masterplan 2040 is a visionary project aiming to transform 60% of Dubai into nature reserves by 2040. This pioneering initiative not only underscores the importance of green spaces, biodiversity, and eco-friendly urban planning but also emphasizes the preservation of local culture and traditions in the face of rapid urbanization. The panel discussion, featuring Mr. Alhashimi, will delve into how post-contemporary architectural and design innovations can contribute to these visionary objectives, ensuring the conservation of Dubai’s unique cultural identity.

Archiplexus's participation in this prestigious forum, alongside Dubai Municipality, showcases our commitment to pioneering sustainable architecture that is infused with post-contemporary insights and a deep respect for cultural heritage. We are dedicated to designing spaces that are not only functional, aesthetically engaging, and environmentally responsible, but also reflective of a post-contemporary vision that cherishes and preserves the UAE’s cultural and traditional values. Our projects stand as a testament to our philosophy of seamlessly integrating architecture with the natural environment and the cultural landscape, guided by both modern innovation and a profound respect for heritage.

We cordially invite you to engage in this transformative discussion at the COP28 UAE Forum and to stay updated with the latest insights and developments through our social media channels and our website ( Join us, in collaboration with Dubai Municipality, as we pave the way towards a sustainable, visionary, and culturally enriched architectural future, marked by innovative, environmentally sensitive, and post-contemporary design.

Shwan Alhashimi's participation at the COP28 UAE Forum, in association with Dubai Municipality, represents a significant milestone for Archiplexus. It not only underscores our commitment to sustainable development but also highlights our active role in shaping a greener, more resilient, and culturally vibrant future. This event is a crucial step in our journey towards innovative, environmentally conscious, and post-contemporary architecture that honours and preserves the rich cultural heritage of the UAE.

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