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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates | Completed 2016

The American University of Sharjah embarked on an exciting student renovation and expansion project, aiming to provide students with a state-of-the-art experience and create dynamic spaces for interaction, retail, and nourishment. A key highlight of this project was the inclusion of a floating lecture theatre within the atrium space of the center, effectively increasing the building's area without expanding its footprint.

The floating lecture theatre serves as a unique and innovative addition, enhancing the functionality and visual appeal of the center. Positioned within the atrium, it optimizes the use of vertical space, maximizing the available area for student engagement and academic activities. This clever design approach enables the university to accommodate additional lecture spaces without the need for additional land or building extensions.

The lecture theatre's floating design not only creates a striking architectural feature but also provides a dynamic and immersive learning environment for students. By integrating modern technologies and flexible seating arrangements, it caters to various teaching styles and encourages active participation and collaboration.

The project's broader scope includes the creation of spaces that foster interaction, retail options, and nourishment for students. These areas are carefully designed to promote social engagement, facilitate convenience, and enhance the overall student experience. From vibrant gathering spaces to well-curated retail outlets and dining options, the renovated and expanded areas offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to the needs of the university community.

This student-focused renovation and expansion project at the American University of Sharjah exemplifies a commitment to providing a modern and inclusive learning environment. By integrating a floating lecture theatre within the atrium space, the university optimizes its existing resources and creates a visually captivating and functional space for students to learn, connect, and thrive.

Undertaken by Shwan Alhashimi during his tenure as development director at AUS

Student Center

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