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Amman, Jordan | Under Construction

The Residence is a high-end renovation project that utilizes the Archiplexus language, which is created by its principal architect Shwan Alhashimi, to express a marriage between traditional Islamic-style architecture with a contemporary language through its design and materials. Perched atop a hill in Amman’s Dabouq region, the villa was designed to make the most of its elevated context, where the roof-level master bedroom captures unrivaled panoramic views across the mountain range that separates Jordan from Jerusalem. On the opposite end, various sunken areas offer several views onto the olive tree plantation below. Transitioning from exterior to interior, the residents can choose to relax in the outdoor pavilion floating gently atop the 200sqm pool, or utilize one of the villa’s contemporary facilities, such as the cinema, salon, and gym, to name a few. The interior layout entertains its residents and their extended family, who are frequent visitors , whilst inviting them to feel at home in a contemporary setting which maintains traditional family values.

Villa K

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