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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates | Concept

It is an Arab father’s dream to create a welcoming visiting space in his residence for his married children, who have families and homes of their own. This is exactly what Al Khawaneej Residence provides - living spaces on the ground floor for the family to gather and reminisce, and individual sleeping quarters on the top floor. The double storey villa incorporates traditional elements of Emirati design in the division of its spaces and its program, but is executed using the Archiplexus interpretation of the contemporary - Islamic language.

As an Emirati household, it was important to always maintain a modest level of privacy but allow for a direct connection between the minimal interior of the majlis and the open natural exterior of the courtyard, where the family can utilize the exterior pool but achieve their required privacy using electric glass panels that control the amount of “viewing” between interior and exterior spaces. The upper floor includes six modular ‘junior suite’ units, each with a bedroom area, bathroom, lounge and a fully glazed facade to ensure that natural light pours into the individualized spaces. The villa also includes a family duplex living area which brings ample space and light.

Villa Z

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