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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates | Completed 2016

Designed to fulfill the specific requirements of the university, this building encompasses a 500-seat supporters stand with a dedicated VIP area. The facility caters to the needs of sports teams, administrators, medical personnel, broadcasters, and other stakeholders.

Within the building, team-specific spaces are provided to accommodate the unique needs of different sports teams. These spaces may include locker rooms, training areas, and equipment storage to ensure optimal performance and preparation for athletes.

Administrative offices are incorporated into the building, serving as a hub for managing the sports programs and facilitating effective communication between staff, coaches, and athletes. These offices provide a central location for administrative tasks, meetings, and coordination.

To address the well-being and safety of athletes, a dedicated medical room is included. This space is equipped to provide immediate medical attention and support in case of injuries or emergencies.

A TV broadcast room is incorporated to facilitate media coverage of sporting events, allowing for live streaming, recording, and analysis. This room serves as a control center for broadcasting and enhances the visibility and reach of the university's sports programs.

Meeting spaces are also provided within the building, serving as venues for team discussions, strategy sessions, and collaboration. These spaces offer a conducive environment for coaches, athletes, and staff to plan, review, and refine their approach to sports.

Overall, this building serves as a comprehensive facility that meets the specific requirements of the university's sports programs. It provides dedicated spaces for teams, administrative functions, medical support, media coverage, and collaborative discussions, fostering a supportive and productive environment for athletes and staff.

Undertaken by Shwan Alhashimi during his tenure as development director at AUS

Sports Pavilion

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