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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates | Completed 2012

The modular-designed Bus Stop at the University Campus embraces a sustainable approach to encourage alternative modes of transportation. This innovative structure is locally fabricated, showcasing the commitment to supporting the local economy and reducing environmental impact.

One of the key features of this Bus Stop is its temperature-controlled environment, which ensures comfort for waiting passengers. By prioritizing passenger well-being, the Bus Stop aims to make public transportation a more attractive option, reducing reliance on private vehicles.

In addition to accommodating bus commuters, this versatile structure also caters to cyclists. With dedicated bicycle amenities, it promotes and facilitates cycling as a viable mode of transportation. By integrating these provisions, the Bus Stop promotes a multi-modal approach, encouraging individuals to choose eco-friendly options for their daily commute.

An outstanding aspect of this project is its cost-effectiveness. By utilizing shipping containers for construction, the Bus Stop optimizes resources while still delivering a functional and visually appealing design. This approach demonstrates how sustainable and budget-conscious solutions can intersect harmoniously.

The modular design of the Bus Stop allows for flexibility and scalability, making it easily adaptable to future needs and potential expansions. Its contemporary aesthetic and thoughtfully considered features make it a focal point on the University Campus, embodying the institution's commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.

Designed by Shwan Alhashimi during his tenure as development director at AUS

Bus Stop

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