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Amman, Jordan | Under Construction

The Residence, a prestigious renovation project, showcases the unique Archiplexus design language created by its principal architect, Shwan Alhashimi. This design language seamlessly blends traditional Islamic-style architecture with contemporary elements, resulting in a harmonious marriage of past and present.

Located atop a hill in Amman's Dabouq region, the villa takes full advantage of its elevated context. The roof-level master bedroom offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountain range, providing an unrivaled vantage point that stretches from Jordan to Jerusalem. On the other end of the villa, sunken areas offer captivating views of the olive tree plantation below, creating a sense of tranquility and connection with nature.

The transition from the exterior to the interior of the villa is carefully orchestrated to offer residents a range of experiences. They can choose to relax in the outdoor pavilion, which gracefully floats atop a 200-square-meter pool, providing a serene and picturesque setting. Alternatively, they can enjoy the contemporary facilities within the villa, such as the cinema, salon, gym, and more, ensuring a luxurious and convenient lifestyle.

The interior layout of the residence is designed to accommodate and entertain both the residents and their extended family, who are frequent visitors. It creates a welcoming atmosphere that seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with traditional family values. The design strikes a balance between modernity and comfort, ensuring that residents and guests feel at home in a contemporary setting that respects their cultural heritage.

Through the innovative use of architectural elements, materials, and design principles, the Residence exemplifies the Archiplexus design language, which beautifully harmonizes traditional Islamic-style architecture with contemporary sensibilities. It offers a unique living experience that celebrates the rich history and cultural traditions while embracing the comforts and elegance of contemporary living.

Private Villa K

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