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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates | Completed 2015

The transformative project has redefined the public image of the university, catapulting it into the future. With a comprehensive approach, the project tackled various challenges including acoustics, technology integration, and ADA compliance. The outcome is an aesthetically pleasing panelised surface that now serves as the university's distinctive and functional identity.

Despite being constrained by budget limitations, the project serves as a shining example of how economic solutions can still achieve remarkable aesthetics. Each design decision was carefully considered to maximize the impact while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

The project's scope encompassed not only visual appeal but also addressed essential factors such as acoustics, ensuring optimal sound quality within the university spaces. Furthermore, a seamless integration of technology was implemented to enhance the overall learning environment.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the project prioritized ADA compliance, ensuring that all individuals can navigate the university with ease and inclusivity.

This transformative endeavor has successfully propelled the university's public face into the future while adhering to budgetary constraints. It showcases how thoughtful design, innovation, and cost-consciousness can harmoniously coexist to create visually striking and functional spaces.

Undertaken by Shwan Alhashimi during his tenure as development director at AUS


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