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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

The remarkable achievement of being awarded the Green Building of the Year by the Emirates Green Building Council is a testament to the project's commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Originally conceived as an office building, the project expanded its scope to incorporate a sustainability project for the adjacent sports complex. This visionary approach resulted in a significant reduction in costs, approximately 30%, while enhancing the overall environmental performance of the complex. The integration of sustainable practices not only showcases responsible resource management but also sets an example for future developments.

Building upon this success, the project also paved the way for the planning and implementation of the utility service block. This strategically designed building introduces district cooling into the AUS campus, an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. By future-proofing cooling requirements on campus, this forward-thinking initiative ensures long-term sustainability and reduced carbon footprint.

The holistic approach demonstrated by the project, from the initial office building to the expansion and incorporation of sustainable practices, showcases the dedication to environmental stewardship. The recognition received from the Emirates Green Building Council further validates the project's outstanding achievements in green building design and sustainability.

Project Directed by Shwan Alhashimi during his tenure as development director at AUS

Campus Facilities

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