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North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand | Completed 2008

The De-Organised Leaner offers a captivating and interactive seating experience, allowing users to engage with its distinctive form and materials. The design of this innovative seating solution is the culmination of a meticulous skeletal fabrication process, utilizing the possibilities offered by 3D printing exploration.

With its unconventional design, the De-Organised Leaner invites users to interact with its structure, encouraging a dynamic and engaging sitting experience. The incorporation of unique materials further enhances the tactile and visual appeal of the seating, providing a multi-sensory encounter for users.

The skeletal fabrication technique employed in the creation of the De-Organised Leaner showcases the fusion of technology and design. The utilization of 3D printing enables the realization of intricate and complex forms that may not be achievable through traditional manufacturing methods.

This seating solution represents a departure from traditional seating norms, offering a contemporary and avant-garde approach to seating design. Its form, materials, and manufacturing techniques converge to create a visually striking and functional piece that challenges conventional expectations.

The De-Organised Leaner stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of design and the power of innovation. It reimagines the concept of seating, encouraging users to engage with its form and materials in a truly unique and captivating manner.

Designed by Shwan Alhashimi during employment at Beca

De-Organized Leaner

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