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Baghdad, Iraq

Archiplexus was honored to be involved in the architecture and interior design of the Gateway to Future City, a visionary development located in Baghdad, Iraq. The project aimed to create a futuristic and technologically advanced township, with a prime focus on the main gateway into the development. At the heart of the design was a prominent observation tower, serving as a symbol of progress and a beacon for the future of the country.

The observation tower, celebrated as a landmark feature, offered breathtaking views over the main highway, encompassing the vibrant city of Baghdad and the entire development. Archiplexus meticulously designed the tower to capture the essence of forward motion, with sleek and modern architectural elements that represented the aspirations and future growth of the region.

In line with the project's futuristic vision, Archiplexus incorporated high-tech features into the design. The sales center, utilizing advanced technology, provided potential investors with an immersive experience through holographic and augmented reality. This innovative approach allowed visitors to view the development stages in a dynamic and engaging manner, further enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the project.

The observation deck of the tower featured an augmented reality experience center, where the development came to life through animated visuals overlaid onto the actual landscape. This interactive and captivating experience showcased the potential of the development and created a unique attraction for visitors. Archiplexus leveraged cutting-edge technology to create a seamless integration between the virtual and physical worlds, elevating the overall experience for all who visited the tower.

Furthermore, Archiplexus expanded the project's scope by demonstrating to the client the possibilities of incorporating entertainment and retail components into the development. By strategically designing spaces for entertainment and retail, the aim was to attract people and create a vibrant community within the Gateway to Future City.

Archiplexus approached the architecture and interior design of the Gateway to Future City with a keen focus on delivering a progressive and visually stunning environment. Our team's expertise in integrated technology design, innovative architectural solutions, and immersive experiences ensured that the project exceeded expectations.

The Gateway to Future City stands as a testament to Archiplexus' commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology. Through our collaboration with the client, we were able to create a transformative development that showcases the potential of Baghdad and serves as a symbol of progress and prosperity for the country.

Gateway to Future City

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