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Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Completed 2019

A high-end luxury tower located in the heart of Dubai’s financial district, the Index is Norman Foster’s award-winning skyscraper which houses residential, commercial and F&B spaces. Archiplexus converted an open space to create the Index’s first indoor children play area, enhancing the residents’ parent-child relation and focusing on building foundational skills. Designed as an unobscured space, this allows complete visibility for the parents to supervise their children from every corner of the transparent learning environment, without having to move. The space is subdivided into multiple zones that cater to different age groups and programs, particularly focusing on educational games aimed at improving motor skills. The design elements, such as the floor graphic, help in engaging all the senses and encouraging children to connect with their eyes, hands and minds. The result is a haven that expands its presence in the neighbourhood, allowing the children to communicate, play and learn new things together in the safety of their own building.

Index Tower Kid's Area

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