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Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Concept

The common facilities that cater to the community of Palma Spring Village shall be revamped and upgraded to better suit the ever-changing needs of its residents.

The current fountain and children play area by the entrance shall be demolished and made into a welcoming multi-recreational area where people can skate and play on. The first parking west of the building will be converted into a unique football and basketball court while the second parking on the east will be reduced and incorporate the children’s area.

The adult swimming pool will be completely redesigned complete with shower areas, lounges and a new children’s pool. The pool side retail space will also be featured along with new equipment for the plant room. As people approach the building, a vast pergola spans the entire facade welcoming guests to the renovated reception area. The central squash courts shall also be repainted with new lights installed.

The party hall will now act as the shared gym with the current existing facilities and the old gyms and toilets will be reconstructed into much larger toilets and changing areas.

Palma Village

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