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Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Completed 2018

Driven by the client's passion for contemporary furniture with a European feel and a preference for a simple color palette, Archiplexus designed the interior of the villa accordingly. Embracing a bold black, white, and brown color scheme, the focus was on playing with textures, spatial dividers, fabric opacity levels, and lighting fixtures to create an engaging and visually captivating environment.

The use of volumetric spaces and dramatic lighting became instrumental in guiding the residents from the main living room to the other areas of the villa. This intentional design approach not only fostered a seamless connection between interior spaces but also established a cohesive design language throughout the villa.

The villa comprised three en-suite bedrooms, including a guest bedroom with its own en-suite facility. Additionally, there was a thoughtfully designed powder room for added convenience. The centralized double-height living room space served as a captivating focal point, while the fashionable dining room catered to the cosmopolitan tastes of the residents.

Archiplexus paid meticulous attention to detail, considering the interplay of materials, textures, and lighting to bring the desired contemporary and European aesthetic to life. By striking a balance between simplicity and sophistication, the interior design of the villa exuded an inviting ambiance and a timeless elegance.

Private Villa C

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