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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates | Concept

Al Khawaneej Residence fulfills an Arab father's heartfelt desire to create a warm and inviting space in his home for his married children and their families. This double-storey villa offers a well-thought-out design that combines traditional Emirati elements with the contemporary Islamic language interpreted by Archiplexus.

The ground floor of the villa is dedicated to communal living spaces, providing a welcoming environment for family gatherings and shared experiences. These areas serve as a central hub where family members can come together, reminisce, and strengthen their bond. The incorporation of traditional Emirati design elements ensures a connection to cultural heritage while embracing contemporary aesthetics.

Maintaining privacy was a crucial aspect of the design, as per Emirati household norms. However, the villa strikes a balance by facilitating a direct connection between the minimalistic interior of the majlis and the open, natural ambiance of the courtyard. The courtyard features an exterior pool for the family's enjoyment, and the use of electric glass panels allows for privacy control, regulating the level of visibility between the interior and exterior spaces.

On the upper floor, individual sleeping quarters are thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and privacy for each family. The six modular 'junior suite' units feature a bedroom area, a bathroom, a lounge, and fully glazed facades that flood the spaces with natural light. This integration of natural light promotes a sense of openness and tranquility, enhancing the overall living experience for each family within their personalized spaces.

The villa also includes a family duplex living area, offering ample space and an abundance of natural light. This area provides additional gathering space for the family, creating a harmonious blend of shared and private areas within the residence.

Through the careful integration of traditional Emirati design elements, contemporary interpretations, and thoughtful spatial planning, Al Khawaneej Residence becomes a testament to the harmonious fusion of cultural values, family dynamics, and modern living. It provides a welcoming and comfortable environment where the family can create lasting memories and embrace their Emirati heritage.

Private Villa Z

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