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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Concept

Situated in the prosperous Capital and heart of Saudi Arabia, this concept tower, Project Morpheus rises from the ground and stands proud against the backdrop of the Riyadh skyline. This grand striking tower is a proposed space for the pinnacle of commercial activities and represents the sleek, streamlined, and ever-moving future of industries to come. As more and more businesses and professions are moved online, Morpheus provides a form to encapsulate just that – dynamic, open, and pulsing with the heartbeat of the more accessible and virtual world.

Designed for visionaries and innovation-seekers, the pioneers and agents of change, the building symbolizes what can be brought forth when humanity comes together; connected throughout from the starting point, and with mindsets of different cultural backgrounds and backdrops converge, new ideas and concepts emerge and rise with breakthroughs forming at every edge and corner; a true hub of ingenuity extending into whatever tomorrow may bring.

Morpheus stands for beneficial progression, for constant advancement and continuous development and provides itself to the New World as a living laboratory for original thinking and fresh solutions to diverse challenges. This will be the home of those who wish to live life sustainably, tech-centric and prosperous. Morpheus – The Future Begins Here.

Project Morpheus

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