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Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Concept

The retrofit of an old-style Dubai Villa involved a thoughtful reallocation of space both internally and externally to align with the living style preferences of the new owners. The design of the interior spaces underwent a transformation, evolving into a contemporary vision infused with influences from the elegant Art Deco style.

Given the villa's significant fenestration, measures were implemented to passively control the natural light entering the living spaces. This not only enhanced the visual aesthetics but also contributed to energy efficiency. Additionally, retro-fitting insulation was introduced to reduce the villa's overall power usage, aligning with sustainable design principles.

The introverted nature of the site influenced the design approach, shifting the focus towards the deliberate and careful use of materials, light, and landscape. Each element was meticulously selected and incorporated to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere that seamlessly connects the interior and exterior spaces.

The retrofitting process aimed to optimize the functionality and comfort of the villa while preserving its architectural character. The reallocation of space, along with the contemporary design elements, transformed the villa into a stylish and functional dwelling that caters to the modern lifestyle of its new occupants.

Through a blend of strategic spatial planning, passive design techniques, and thoughtful material choices, the villa retrofit successfully harmonizes the old and the new, creating a visually stunning and energy-efficient living environment. The integration of Art Deco influences adds a touch of timeless elegance, enriching the overall aesthetic appeal.

Satwa Residence

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