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Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Concept

The new open space office design concept is centered around addressing the diverse needs and requirements of entrepreneurs and individuals who will be using the office on a rotational basis. The design aims to create a flexible and adaptable space that can cater to the ever-changing demands of modern business professionals.

To achieve this, the office space is strategically divided into various zones, each serving a specific purpose. A semi-enclosed Think Tank area is provided to facilitate focused and creative thinking, offering a secluded space for brainstorming and idea generation.

For quick meet-and-greets or impromptu discussions, a Standing Meeting Zone is incorporated, providing a casual and efficient space for brief interactions. This zone encourages spontaneous collaboration and fosters a dynamic work environment.

To accommodate those who prefer a more relaxed and seated work approach, Lounge Areas are included, offering comfortable seating options for tasks that require a more laid-back setting. These areas create a relaxed ambiance while still promoting productivity and engagement.

A semi-private meeting space located in the middle of the office serves as a versatile area for formal discussions and confidential meetings. It strikes a balance between privacy and openness, ensuring that important conversations can take place without isolating individuals from the collaborative office environment.

An area dedicated to video projection is incorporated to facilitate audiovisual presentations, enabling seamless sharing of information and ideas. This space enhances communication and promotes engaging presentations within the office setting.

Supplementary spaces such as the main reception area, pantry, and separate phone booth are also provided to meet additional needs. The reception area serves as the welcoming point for visitors, while the pantry allows for social interactions and refreshments. The separate phone booth ensures privacy for taking calls, ensuring uninterrupted communication within the office.

Overall, the open space office design concept is carefully tailored to the unique requirements of entrepreneurs and rotational office users. By incorporating a range of designated zones, the design fosters collaboration, creativity, and adaptability, enabling individuals to thrive in a dynamic and productive work environment.

Tecom Business Center Lounge

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